Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Master Bedroom & Wishlist

Back in December we made some changes to our master bedroom (that I talked about in this post) but I never really got around to sharing more pictures! After coming up with an inexpensive, pretty ingenious (lol, if I do say so myself) solution to hide our fuse box and filling a very boring wall with picture frame ledges (that I shared last week), it's time to show you the evolution of our room from matchy-matchy Pottery Barn poppies to a room inspired by a quilt I made (close to five years ago now!).

The thing I love about this quilt is that I made it...I handpicked all the fabrics, I came up with a design, I pieced it all together. The top-stitching was done professionally, but I did the binding. Quilts are such a lengthy process, but so much love goes into making them that they are worth every minute. Lol, I digress. All that is to say, I love this quilt and I definitely wanted it to be the star of the show in our master bedroom (even though I think the shelves are definitely a close second now).

So here are some before and afters of how our master bedroom has changed and the things on our wishlist for the future of this room:

And a little more up close:

On the wishlist from this view:
  • Nightstands with more character (probably mismatched) and with more storage - I've been scouring Craigslist for a while but no luck so far. If I eventually give up on my Craigslist / secondhand hunt, I really like this Ikea hack {Armelle blog}
  • Sheers for the window or possibly cute homemade pelmet boxes {A Home in the Making}
  • Beefier lampshades. The scale right now is all wrong...but I love my green glass lamps so instead of getting rid of them I'd rather see how they look with bigger lampshades first.
  • A white duvet cover! This dingy naked down comforter needs some help.
  • A solution for this hideous ceiling fan. Any ideas!? I would really love something that was a little more streamlined and closer to the ceiling like this...but I'm always a fan (hehe) of something a little greener like just making this fan work somehow.

All happy from this angle! I really need to write a follow up post / tutorial on this fuse box cover, though. It really is funny how much traffic this blog gets for that specific post, especially from Google searches with keywords like: "how to cover up basement my fuse box," "hiding a fuse box," "how to hide a fuse panel," etc.

Very happy from this angle as well. Just need to make some adjustments in those frames. I just love waking up to this wall...the picture frame ledges are a HUGE improvement from that blank wall! We won't talk about the master bathroom located behind that pocket door, though. That is a future project all on its own!

Finally, this corner:

And up closer:

On the wishlist from this view:
  • Like for the other window, sheers or homemade pelmet boxes {A Home in the Making}
  • A corner office area / work station to replace the dresser. Eventually we want to have another kid(s), so we will need to convert our current guest room / office into a kid's room, which means we will need a new home for our office. I've thought about all the different scenarios, and with the limited space available, I think this corner would be the most logical place in our house. I absolutely love this work surface and shelves {Mini Manor} and think it would be a great solution for creating a small office space in our bedroom (this is another reason we need new nightstands - with the loss of this dresser, we will need more storage since we will have to share the other dresser which currently houses just my things).
  • The walk-in closet located behind this door needs a few minor adjustments...but we'll save that for another time!
One last look:

So that's what we've got going on in our master bedroom and some things that are on our wishlist. Always a work in progress like most of our house! And always a balance between being content with what we have but making things prettier and more functional as we live and grow in each space.

PS -  The restyle of the room used only things we already owned with the exception of the round mirror (from Ross) and shelf-making supplies (from Home Depot)

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  1. Very Cute! Your before was cute too, I must say, but I do love the floating shelves above the dresser. Nice touch :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by Sonya! The poppies were bright and cheery...we just lived with them for a LONG time and needed a new look :) Off to check out your blog!

    Elisabeth@Simply Parkers