Monday, July 11, 2011

Clever Bookshelves

Have you joined Pinterest yet? Well, what are you waiting for!? Let's take a trip down memory lane. This is the picture that first sucked me in to Pinterest:

Source: Domestic Simplicity via: Pinterest

If I could find genius ideas like this by joining Pinterest, I was sold. Ikea spice racks, $4 each, just the right size for a narrow wall in Little J's room = love at first sight.

After sitting in their packages in our garage for a couple months, we FINALLY painted our Ikea spice racks with some black, environmentally-friendly Green Sure paint from Sherwin Williams, and got them up this weekend.

An inexpensive, simple solution for Little J's skinny nursery wall and growing book collection. They just make me smile every time I see them. $12 for a smile, priceless :) Little J LOVES books and I know he's going to love helping himself to them from these shelves for years to come!

Here's some more cute Ikea spice rack bookshelf ideas for your viewing pleasure:

via Pinterest (clockwise from top left): here, here, here, and here

So what's inspiring you this week? Anyone have some clever book storage ideas to share?


  1. I didn't get a chance to read this post when you first put it up, but saw your picture and loved the idea. I for some reason assumed you made the shelves though. So excited I came back to see what they are. I'll be up by Ikea in about 10 days and I will definitely be stopping to get some. They will be perfect for Naomi's room! And no, I have no clever ideas... we're pretty traditional with a 2 shelf bookcase in the living room for the kids' books and a basket as well for a chunk of the board books. Otherwise, they're usually strewn from here to there, under their beds, in their beds... etc. etc!

  2. Let me know how they work out for you...and if you find anything else exciting at Ikea :)

  3. WOW, looks great! Awesome job! Oh and I love pinterest...I am addicted!

  4. I saved the same pin! Great to see how easy it was to execute.

  5. Thanks I following you on Pinterest? I need to go find out! And Emily, if you decide to do them you will love them. Super cute and easy!