Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Cloth Napkins

Do you use them? Why not!? You use a real (non-disposable) fabric towels after you take a shower or to dry your hands don't you? Same idea. Paper napkins and paper towels have replaced the cloth napkin for convenience, but is it really that much more convenient? Not really in my opinion. Here are a few reasons to use cloth napkins:
  1. They cost less.
  2. They're prettier than paper napkins.
  3. They're more durable (chances are you'll need only one, even for the messiest of meals).
  4. They're reusable (for obvious reasons...and just like a towel, you can actually use them a couple times before they need to be laundered - of course that depends on how messy your meal is and how messy you are).
If you're not using them already it's really not that difficult to make the switch and I promise it will not put a cramp in your style. If anything, you'll be more stylish. My guess is that you're already doing laundry, right? Well, throw them in with your sheets or towels and voila. No big deal. Just fold them straight out of the laundry (do not even think about ironing them, are you kidding me?) and you're good to go. Don't even buy any more paper napkins from the store...if you have them, you'll just be tempted to use them. Still not convinced and want some paper napkins around in case there is something so disgusting you cannot bear to wipe it up with cloth? Anytime you eat out, bring home that extra pile of napkins sitting on your table. Health codes do not allow anything like that to be reused, so your server is going to have to throw them away when you leave. Put them in your purse and bring them home for your super-disgusting-can't-use-cloth-napkin stash.

STILL not convinced? Well, I'm not going to twist your arm, but honestly, this is such an easy way to save some money and few trees while you're at it. If you're not ready to make the switch consider composting your used paper napkins and paper towels :) And while we're on the subject, do you compost? Why or why not?

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  1. Busted. I am not set up to compost, but have no excuse as there's a perfect nook in my backyard for a box. Like a lot of sustainable practices, I keep thinking that my living situation isn't permanent enough to "commit" to something like composting or greywater catch. Or that I'll start doing these things after grad school when I'm less busy. (I do use cloth napkins, however).

    You're definitely motivating me to light a fire under it, I love these little reminders! ;)