Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

A couple ideas you might just have to store away until next year:

1) Make a "Happy Easter" shirt/onesie out of something your child is about to outgrow! Our little guy has a few white onesies that will soon be outgrown, so it seemed like the perfect thing to decorate for Easter. Apparently everyone in the blogging world has a Silouette, but I don't (even though it's pretty much at the top of my wish list), so I made this the good ol' fashioned way with an exacto knife, paint, and stencil brushes (all of which I already had in my craft supply stash).

2) Pick out a basic Easter basket that you will love for years to come (instead of buying a new one every year). We picked up ours at World Market on sale for about 3 bucks - I checked out Goodwill first but would have needed to spray paint the one I found (which = 3 bucks + the cost of spray paint + not very environmentally or baby friendly). Then I decided a fun way to make it "new" every year would be to cut out fabric numbers with the year and attach them to the front (just with a few removable stitches so the numbers can easily be swapped out each year). I cut these numbers out from scraps of fabric I already had lying around. I love how it turned out!

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