Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cloth Diapering - Seriously, Cloth Wipes Too!?

Yep. Cloth wipes too. Made out of the hubby's old t-shirts.

We're really not crazy, though. Using cloth wipes actually simplifies the whole cloth diapering process because you can just throw everything together in the diaper pail/wet bag and you don't have to sort out disposable wipes from the dirty diaper laundry. Cloth wipes are great to have around for other things too, like boogers or drool. Haha, the things you get used to cleaning up and talking about when you're a parent!

Like I mentioned, we made our wipes out of my hubby's old t-shirts. It felt good to repurpose those dingy whites that would have otherwise gone to waste, but you can use other fabrics you have lying around (maybe some old flannel sheets would be nice and soft on that baby's tush). We use straight water for our wipes solution which we keep in a little squeeze bottle next to the changing pad (we wet each wipe just before using because if you pre-wet your wipes you have such a short window of time before you'd need to start worrying about bacteria growth)...we tried using some other homemade solutions (that involved combinations of water, baby soap, olive oil, and/or tea tree oil), but after some more online research and our own trial and error, we found that straight up water was the least harsh on Little J's sensitive bum.

We do keep a stash of regular wipes on hand for especially nasty poo and for on-the-go. We reused two wipe tubs that we received as shower gifts to hold both the cloth wipes and disposable wipe refills (currently Seventh Generation or Costo brand because they are made from 100% renewable resources and are biodegradable). Here's a picture of our wipes setup (cloth wipes on the left, disposables on the right):

Wondering what else is in that drawer? The big white roll is Bummi's bio-soft flushable diaper liners that I talked about in this post and in the back is tea tree oil (we use a few drops in our diaper pail/wet bag to control odors) and other miscellaneous baby items. One of these days I'll have to post pictures of our entire cloth diapering/nursery set-up for you newbies. Would that be helpful? (Update: I finally got around to writing that cloth diapering/nursery set-up post found HERE).

And how about you cloth diapering old-timers, do you use cloth wipes? Did you make your own or did you buy them? What's worked best for you? 

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