Monday, March 5, 2012

So Many Projects...So Little Time

What happens when you have a DIY-obsessed gal + a hubby who is an engineer by day/high school lacrosse coach by night + an active toddler? About ten projects going on a time, all in various stages of completion. There's only so much I can accomplish on my own during nap time, so I heavily rely on the help of my amazing (but super busy) hubby to make my all DIY dreams come true on the weekends (weeknights are pretty much out because by the time we get the little man dinner, bathed, and in bed, we're both ready to crash on the couch and watch a show or two before bed).

So here's a few things we have going on right now:

This lovely find from the Habitat Restore is on it's way to becoming a workbench in our garage. It's presumably a piece of someone's from-the-early-70's kitchen cabinetry. It's big and sturdy and the perfect combination of work surface and tool storage. I hope to get it all painted (even the counter top) and we also have a cabinet (a Craigslist find) to hang above it. Once lacrosse season is over and the weather is a little warmer for painting outside, our workbench should be well on its way to completion. I'll be sure to update the blog with our progress!

Next on the list of partially completely projects is our master bedroom. For 7.5 years (of course we've lived in a total of four different places in those 7.5 years but the decor hasn't changed much from space to space) it's looked a little something like this: cute, but very matchy-matchy. Slowly but surely it's been evolving into this:

Not much to look at now, but I have high hopes! My favorite part is the quilt I made a number of years ago with greens and teals (my favorite colors). The chartreusey Euro shams are from the bedding we had in our guest room (before it turned into Little J's nursery) and the round mirror was a Ross find. Nothing else new to note other than a huge Ikea mirror I'd been wanting forever that I stumbled across on Craigslist one day for half the price (it's obviously out of frame in this picture - we'll include it later once the room is a little more "done"). There's a number of other ideas I have for this room including new wall color and curtains for starters (and maybe something with that ugly ceiling fan). AND this little project that is well underway:

A pair of pictures ledges (only one is pictured here) for the large, empty wall in our master bedroom, inspired by the DIY queen's (Ana White's) $10/each picture ledges pictured below (ours were more like $15/each). CANNOT wait to get those finished so we have a place for all the lovely frames we've received over the years. Hopefully the finished product will look something like this:

Shelves/photo by Ana White via Pinterest

So many projects (and that's just a few of them), so little time! Anyone else have a load of DIY projects in various stages of completion going on around their house? I'd love to hear about them!

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