Friday, April 20, 2012

Hide That Fuse Box!

Let's start out by making the obligatory "sorry for the blurry pictures" disclaimer. When is that camera stork going to drop off a new little bundle of picture taking joy for me?! Anyway, lots of little changes are being made around the house. So many in fact that any time to blog has been put on the back burner. Here's a little change I made this week:

No, it's not just some randomly centered wall decor. It's a fuse box cover! Why fuse boxes can't all be put in a closet or garage or somewhere out of view I will never understand. But anyway, this was my solution to hiding an ugly fuse box: stretched canvas (bought 60% off at Michaels), covered with fabric I already had (it's excess backing for the quilt I made for our bed seen here), hung semi permanently so it can easily be taken down to access the fuse box. Definitely worth the $17.99 stretched canvas cost to hide that eyesore from view!

Here's the before and after:

I should also point out the giant Hemnes mirror on the slanted wall. We used to have a silly, college-style mirror covering the fuse box, but I was dying to buy this Hemnes mirror from Ikea. It makes a lot more sense to have a mirror on the slanted wall because otherwise I was always having to close our bedroom door to check out my outfits in the morning. I'm definitely enjoying this configuration MUCH better. Oh yes, I should also mention I randomly got on Craigslist one day and found the Hemnes mirror for sale. I spent half the price and saved myself the 4-hour roundtrip to Ikea...huge win for our bedroom and the pocketbook! Always look on Craiglist for home furnishings before you make the trip and buy something new, you might find just what you were looking for! 

So how do you hide your fuse boxes and have you ever found exactly what you were looking for on Craigslist?


  1. I Love it! I need to do this in my bedroom, cause I have a hiddeous box in my room, it has paint and caulking all over it! Great idea!

  2. Thanks so much Lydia! It's a great, inexpensive fix :)

  3. It's incredible what a difference that makes to the look of your bedroom. I'll have to keep that clever idea in mind when our basement is finished and we need to hide the fuse box in our family room. (You know in a few years...)