Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pantry Overhaul

In an effort to make more meals at home, and with better ingredients (more whole foods), I decided our pantry needed an overhaul. I've been trying to save up used jars for this project over the last few months...but because I'm a little impatient and little obsessive compulsive when it comes to organizing and matching, I gave up on collecting all I needed and purchased some extra canning jars (and a few jars from Specialty Bottle, a website with almost every size and shape of glass jars imaginable) so our pantry would have a more cohesive look.

So without further ado!

(Cluttered and not utilizing space effectively).

(Love the way this is moving along! Have the bottom shelf and floor space cropped out because those are still works in progress. One way I made more room in the pantry was to move the contents of the shelf with baking supplies to another cupboard...I used to have my spices in one place and my baking supplies in another and now they are all together, see below).

 (This cupboard use to house all of our was really pretty [should have taken a picture] and I miss it, but there was room for that stuff elsewhere and it makes more sense to me to have a whole area devoted to baking and cooking instead of spices in one area of the kitchen and baking supplies, oils, etc. in another).

(With blue painter's tape of course! I just use a Sharpie to include the contents and either the expiration date [if I know it] or the date purchased).

Have to throw in a side-by-side shot (next time I'll try to take my photos from the same angle, durrrh):

I'm happy to report this pantry overhaul is serving us well so far. We had homemade, mostly whole food dinners Monday-Friday this week! Big success :)

So how is your pantry organized? Do you feel like having an organized kitchen makes meals at home easier or do you think I'm just making excuses for my obsessive compulsiveness ;) ?


  1. I've seriously considered becoming a professional organizer because I LOVE it...I'll let you all know if that happens ;) If people were to come over to my house this very moment, though, they might want to run the opposite direction! Weekends leave our house looking like a tornado came through (especially when I'm working on a number of projects!).

  2. Looks great! If only our tiny house had a pantry that I could organize. :)

  3. Oooh! Your pantry looks so pretty. I wish I had even a smidge of your organizational prowess!


  4. Thanks ladies, I really appreciate the positive feedback :)

  5. Thanks Andrea, and thanks so much for hosting the link-up!! Hard to remember life before Pinterest...SO many great ideas! I'll have to follow you back ;)

  6. Oh my gosh! Salivating at all the beautiful glass jars!! :) Good job, mama!

  7. Thanks Sarah! Exchanging plastic for glass was also a big motivator for this overhaul :)

  8. Me next please!!! Your before looks better than any after I could ever create :).

  9. LOVE< LOVE> LOVE> the glass jars, did I miss the info where u purchased those?

  10. Thanks Leesy! The large gallon and half-gallon jars came from Their prices are really reasonable but the shipping is a little crazy, so wait until you have a large order (or put in an order with a friend and split it)! The spice jars were hand-me-downs from my parents (the kind from one of those wooden, rotating spice racks)...I actually see them all the time at Goodwill! Hope that helps :)

  11. I love that everything is labeled and that you used so many general, every day items for storage! That's the best way to do it! <3


  12. Thanks Jen! Can't wait to make my fabric covered boxes (like yours) to hold bigger/miscellaneous items at the bottom of the pantry.

    Elisabeth@Simply Parkers