Monday, October 29, 2012

Why does a blogger disappear for over two months?

Well, because I'm pregnant! Just a few days before turning the big 3-0 I had this sneaking suspicion that I was in for a big birthday surprise, and I was right, there was definitely a bun in the oven (how do you like my three shades of pregnant dollar store tests, haha)! So, the last 10+ weeks have been filled with nausea, ridiculous cravings, extreme fatigue, and a few other symptoms you'd probably prefer not to know about. Kind of hilarious given that my last couple posts were ALL about baby stuff (here and here)...I guess subconsciously I knew something was up.

Anyway, not sure what all of this means for the blog. I'm finding it a challenge just to keep up with the daily grind of stay-at-home-momdom these days. We'll see! I have at least one more project that I'm just dying to share. If you're still around, thanks for hanging in there...stick around for my sudden bursts of energy here and there that will hopefully result in a blog post every once in a while!

And because a post with just one picture would be too boring, here's another! Hope you're all enjoying this fun time of year, watching lots of football, and venturing out to a pumpkin patch or two :)

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