Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Thrifty Christmas Decor

Pretty much the same idea as my thrifty Halloween/Harvest decor, I just switched out what is normally in the hodge podge of frames on my piano with cheap (practically free) decor! This Christmas word art cost me a grand total of $2.65. I designed the picture files in Adobe InDesign (I get most of the fonts I use here for free) and had them printed at Costco. Instant Christmas decor!

I still want to create some garland to hang from the sides of the piano (similar to my pom-pom garland), but I need to finish the Advent calendar I am working on first so I can use the left over felt scraps (yes people, I realize it's already 8 days into December, but it's now or never! I bought the felt for my Advent calendar THREE years ago and am finally getting around to working on it. Christmas always sneaks up on me.every.year).

I got the idea for this piece of my Christmas word art from Pinterest, of course. And in case you don't know where this saying originated, stop what you are doing immediately and go rent "Elf." One of the best Christmas movies ever :)

Okay, here's a little peak at some of my other Christmas decor from around the house (mostly thrifty, but not all).

  • Starbucks gift card holders from a few years back that were just too pretty to let go of...I hang them on the hooks by the door where we keep our keys (using a bit of fishing line).
  • This year we opted not to get a full-grown tree and just pulled out our little 3-footer that we bought a few years ago. Little J is exactly at the age where I envision a tree crashing over on top of him if I turn my back for a second...no thanks. Maybe next year (well, the full-grown tree part, not the tree crashing over part *fingerscrossed*). I like to switch things up with ornaments from time to time, but I try to be creative and either not buy anything new or not spend a lot of money. This year I asked my mom if I could borrow the hand-painted wooden ornaments she and my dad made their first Christmas together (41 years ago). They're very simple and kinda cheesy, but I love the story of how my parents made them together that first year of marriage when they didn't have much money...and 41 years later, they (and their marriage) are completely intact. How cool is that!?
  • My favorite (non-thrifty) Christmas decoration is my nativity. Between buying myself a new piece each year or receiving a piece as a gift, it only took 4 or 5 years to complete the set :)
  • Growing up we always had sleigh bells that hung from our front door at Christmastime. I've improvised with the little green bells (can you tell I like green things? Lol).
  • Love my antique/passed down Christmas decor including a beautiful teal glass candy dish (teal glass = LOVE) and a ceramic, light-up Christmas tree that is also a music box. The tree was my grandparents' and it brings back so many great childhood Christmas memories. Little J is already in love with the thing which melts my heart. It's such a joy to see his eyes light up when he sees it and hears the music.
  • Stockings I made the first year we were married (7 years ago). The Advent calendar I'm working on will be made with the same colors of felt...SO want to get that thing done. If it doesn't happen, though, at least I've got a good jump start on next year :)
So friends, how do you like to decorate for Christmas without breaking the bank?


  1. Great ideas. I have gotten a lot of our decor at 50% off after-Christmas sales over the years.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Kristia! I will probably be keeping an eye out for a couple things in the after Christmas sales this year too :)

  3. A girl after my own heart - Think Thrift! Nicely done and LOVE that you re-purposed something you already had!! :)

    xo Lynda

  4. Thanks Lynda! You have a gorgeous blog by the way...can't wait to spend some more time looking around there after the holidays :)