Monday, October 17, 2011

Thrifty Halloween/Harvest Decor

  • Decorating with squash that will later be eaten, check.
  • Reusing glass jars to decorate with candy corn, check.
  • Three ears of dried Indian corn that I decorate with every year, check.
  •  Switching out regular pics in frames with Halloween pics from last year, check.
  • Cutting up Lil J's orange and black treat bag from the hubby's work picnic to fill two of the frames, check. 
  • Printing free Halloween subway art from Eighteen25 to fill the big frame, check.
  • Drying Chinese lanterns from the farmers market to put in a canning jar with black beans as the filler, check.
  • Making pom-pom garland from yarn I already had, check.
  • Repainting an old sign I had made to say "Happy Halloween," check.
  • Finally making a yarn wreath* (just bought the yarn and foam tubing to make the base, used fabric/ribbon/hemp scraps that I already had for making the yo-yo flowers and embellishments), check.
So friends, how do you like to decorate for the Halloween/Harvest holiday without breaking the bank?
    *I drew inspirations from all around Pinterest for my yarn wreath...I looked at so many I can't give credit to anyone in particular! I will say, though, I totally used the pinning method I learned about from this ribbon wreath from Landee See Landee Do (so that I can reuse my wreath and the decorations down the road, nothing has been permanently glued on or attached).

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    1. I don't love Halloween, but I do love fall. I decorate with pumpkins, gourds, and my favorite is to string a bunch of leaves and then hang them up in an entrance. Oh, and I love fall so much... those leaves are still hanging up from last year ready to be replaced :).

    2. Ooh, that sounds pretty! I love fall too...particularly the sunny days though, not so much the rain.

    3. I really like the pom poms idea! Brilliant!

    4. Thanks Eryka! Just checked out your blog, I live in Oregon so we're practically neighbors. Lol. Hooray for bloggers from the NW!

    5. I dig it! Love simple, reusable, and affordable!